Tanning BedEnvironmental Quality inspects tanning facilities within Linn County yearly. Inspections of tanning facilities help ensure that the tanning equipment within the county are in compliance with Iowa and federal law. In addition, the inspections seek to ensure that the facility and products are in sanitary condition, appropriate records are being maintained and that staff are knowledgeable about the proper use of equipment.

Tanning operators are required to take a Tanning Operator Exam and obtain a tanning permit from the Iowa Department of Public Health. The exam is administered at the Linn County Health Department. Individuals wanting to take the exam must make an appointment by calling the Linn County Public Health office at 319-892-6000 and asking for an Environmental Specialist. Cost of the exam is $25.00.

A list of permitted tanning facilities can be found at the Iowa Department of Public Health's Tanning Program website.